PIER PAOLO MACCARRONE born in Catania in 1978 he began studying the cello at the age of 10 with the professor Alfio Borzì. Then he continued his musical studies at the Vincenzo Bellini Music Institute of Catania with the professor Giuseppe Rizzari, Paolo Ognissanti and for many years with Benedetto Munzone. Then he specialized at the Hipponiana Academy of Reggio Calabria with the famous teachers and concertist Arturo Bonucci, Claudio Marini, Demetrio Comuzzi and Luca Signorini. He also attends the cello course in the Accademia Musicale of Santa Cecilia with maestro Francesco Strano. In March 2007 he graduated in Music Disciplines at the Vincenzo Bellini Music Institute. In June 2010 he obtained a master’s degree in cello teaching in Secondary Schools. In july 2010 he partecipated an actual student in a masterclass of conducting by famous italian conductor Daniele Belardinelli. In the same year in October, he obtained in Turin the qualification for cello teaching with the Suzuki method at the Suzuki Italian Institute whith the professor Antonio Mosca . In recent years he has been studying the practice of ancient instruments at the Conservatory of Music “Vincenzo Bellini” in Palermo. Infact on december of 2015 he graduates the Bachelor’s Degree in baroque cello and basso continuo with professor Andrea Fossà and in 2017 he graduates in Viola da gamba with professor Cristiano Contadin. He studied for five years at the “Escuela de Dirección de Orchestra y Banda” in Huelva (Spain) approved for ABRSM (Associated Board of The Royal College of Music) in the Course of Musical Interpretation and in the Orchestral Conducting Course with Maestro Navarro Lara. In December 2022 he took the exams to obtain LRSM (Licentiate of the Royal School) in Orchestral Conducting from the Royal College of Music in London. He attended cello and chamber music masterclasses with famous concertist: Anton Niculescu, Valeriano Taddeo, Alain Meunier, Sandro Laffranchini, Erich Oscar Hutter, Riccardo Bovino and Willen Ranck, Michael Flaksman, Marianne Chen, Luc Toten, Augustin Lefevbre, Vadim Pavlov, Enrico Bronzi, Rocco Filippini. He is winner in numerous national and international music competitions such as: Magma Competition of Catania, Competition “Alfio Pulvirenti” of Comiso (Ragusa), Competition “Pietro Mandanici” of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto” (Messina), International Musical Competition “Luigi Denza” of Castellammare di Stabia (Napoli), European Musical Competition of Campobello di Licata (Agrigento), Competition of Città of Palmi (Reggio Calabria), Competition “Benedetto Albanese” of City of Caccamo (Palermo). He is also awarded in the following musical competitions: FIDAPA SICILIA “Young Talents”, National Musical Competition “Dino Carovita” of Fusignano (Ravenna), Young Musicians Competition “Napolinova” of Napoli, National Music Competition “City of Palermo”, National Competition “Promenade” of Vibo Valentia, National Music Competition “City of Massafra” (Taranto), National Music Competition “Città del Sol” in Portopalo of Capopassero (Siracusa), National Music Competition Amigdala – Prize “Giuseppe Raciti” of Viagrande (Catania), International Music Competition “Lucio Stefano D’Agata” of Acireale (Catania), National Music Competition “Salvatore Gioia” of Villarosa (Enna). In 2002 he partecipates and wins the Orchestral Audition for the “Italian Youth Orchestra” of Fiesole at the RAI studios in Naples. He has performed in numerous concerts as a soloist and in orchestra in many italian and foreign cities such as: Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, Palermo, Enna, Caltanissetta, Agrigento, Messina, Sorrento, Reggio Calabria, Naples, Macerata, Camerino, Perugia , Turin, Lucca, Florence, Rome, Graz, Nancy, Huelva. He performing also whith famous soloists such as: Gianpiero Sobrino, Lucio Degani, Sebastiano Zorza, Claudio Marini, Enzo Ligresti, Demetrio Comuzzi, Pavel Berman, Stefano Pagliani, Claudio Marini, Jensang Lee, Bertrand Giraud, Anton Niculescu, Louis Lanzarini, Katia Ricciarelli, Marcello Giordani, Daniela Schillaci, Simone Piazzola, Lucia Aliberti, Cosetta Gigli, Massimiliano Drapello, Dario Russo, Sergey Girscenko, Dmitry Sinkosky, D. Russo, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Eva Del Moral, Luis Santana, Montserrat M. Caballé, Mari Angeles Iglesias. He has collaborated with renowned conductors Riccardo Muti, Carlo Rizzari, Tamaz Bugaj, Michael Brousseau, Stefano Ranzani, Daisuke Soga, Carlo Moreno Volpini, Walther Themel, Gert Meditz, Gesualdo Bufalini, Claudia Patanè, Orlando Pulin, Massimo Incarbone, Antonio Florio, Francisco Navarro Lara, Juan Rodriguez, Gerardo Estrada, Missak Baghboudarian, Montserrat De La Cruz, Leandro Botto Schumacher, Juan Carlos Dos Santos, Elisabetta Maschio. He has published books for publishing houses: Simple of Macerata, BookSprint of Salerno. In recent years he has obtained some eligibility to teach music disciplines (Cello ,Theory, Rhythmic and Musical Perceptions, Ear Training, Camera Music, Ensemble Music for Stringed Instruments) in many musical institute and conservatories of many important italian towns like: Palermo, Vibo Valentia, Avellino, Trapani, Cesena, Lucca, Cagliari, Verona, Vicenza, Ancona, Taranto, Siena. He take part in public contest to teach at the Scuola Civica Riccardo Zandonai of Rovereto (Trento) , at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Civic Music School in Prato (Firenze), at the Music Institution of Città di Noto, at the Musical Liceum “Regina Margherita” in Palermo and Musical Liceum “Dante Alighieri” in Enna.He plays on a 1985 cello of the Stöhr Baieridori-Igelidori of Zurich on model of famous violinmaker Stradivari, or on a cello of 1994 of the violin maker Claudio Giurba on model of Guarneri del Gesù and on a french bass Viol build by violin maker Nicola Vendrame on model of luthier Jaye.In 2004 he obtained also a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Catania.He has been associated with the S.I.E.M (Italian Society of Musical Education) since 2008 and at the Suzuki Italian Institute since 2007.Infact in 2007 he founded the Cello Suzuki School of Catania. Some students of this have already distinguished in national musical contest such as: Regional Music Festival “Incontri Musicali” promoted by Camerata Accentus in the villages of Sant’ Agata Li Battiati and Trecastagni; Young Musicians Contest promoted by musical association and school “A.M.E.A.” of Mascalucia at the Expo-Center of Pedara; they were also suitable for auditions for prestigious youth orchestras such as the Junior Orchestra of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome. Some students were also awarded in some musical competitions such as: “Alfio Pulvirenti” Competition of Comiso (RG), “Placido Mandanici” Competition of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME), “Nellina Cappellani-Costa” National Musical Competition of Catania, Music Competition “Vittorio Blanco “of San Gregorio; Amigdala School Competition promoted by the Amigdala Association of Viagrande (Catania).In August 2010 he married a lovely and intelligent woman Floriana Di Noto, a pharmacist from Catania. From this happy union in 2013 and 2015 two beautiful sons were born named Luca and Matteo.From 2010 is President of the Cultural and Musical Association “A.M.A.C.” of Gravina di Catania. This associazion is actively involved in the diffusion of classical music in the Sicilia, organizing instrumentalp courses, theory and musical propaedeutics (with particular attention to teaching in early age). The association organize some musical events: concerts, the “Nellina Cappellani Costa” Music Competition and the Santa Cecilia Music Festival at the Theater Rex in Giarre according with the Etna Santa Cecilia Music Academy of Giarre (Catania). The association actively collaborates with the Haffner Orchestra of Catania and has collaborated with S. Giorgio Polyphonic Choir of Catania and Gran Coro Lirico Siciliano. This association has collaborated with: Banca Mediolanum, Department of Physics of the University of Catania, Municipality of Catania – II Municipality, AFEM (Euro Festival Mediterranean Association) for the organization of concerts at the Ancient Theater of Taormina (Messina) in the 2017 summer festival in the three concerts “Hollywood Music Movie” and “Opera Gala I & II with the Haffner Orchestra and with internationally renowned singers such as Gonga Dogan, Filippo Micale, Giovanni Di Mare and Maria Ratkova. The associazione have also collaborated with Association “L’Impulso” of Acireale and recruited with Inside Eventi by Giuseppe Costantino di Lentini (Siracusa).The association A.M.A.C. has also collaborated with numerous charitable and voluntary associations of the Sicilian territory such as: Onlus Association “Progetto Madagascar” of Messina, Onlus Association “Anfass” of Messina, Donors Association San Marco of Catania, AVIS of Catania, Caritas of Catania.On the august of 2018 Pier Paolo Maccarrone has participated in the “Cumbre Mundial de Dirección Orquestal 2018” in Huelva and performed as the cello of the O.I.D.O. (International Orchestra Conductor Orchestra) also interpreting the Haydn cello concerto in C major. On the march of 2019 he founded the Vincenzo Bellini Chamber Orchestra of Catania with the intention of creating an orchestra made up only of young people to perform even less usual compositions. Recently the orchestra has collaborated with the polyphonic choir Passio Hennensis of Enna and the Band “Città di Enna” in the Opening Concert of the Solemn Rites of the Holy Week forse Ester 2019. As conductor he conducted the Vincenzo Chamber Orchestra, collaborating with well-known singers such as Gonga Dogan, Filippo Micale and Sonia Fortunato in the closing concert of the XI Bellini Festival in Catania and the Happy Christmas from Catania Festival under the artistic direction of Enrico Castiglione. He has recorded CDs and DVDs for the PDR record companies of Catania and Ragusa’s Shine Records. He is co-author with the famous conductor Navarro Lara of the two best-sellers books in Amazon “El Gran libro de la Interpretation Musical” and “La Forja de un Maestro” published in 2018. He has written numerous books on the history of the Cello, on Theory and Musical Analysis and on the Suzuki Method for Italian editions such as: Simple of Macerata and Booksprint of Salerno and for Lulu edition of the USA. Some of his publications are also available on Amazon.He has been the Cello teacher at Conservatory “Fausto Torrefranca” of Vibo Valentia in the course of Catanzaro. From 2011 to 2015 he was engaged in the Suzuki Violoncello Music Laboratory at the Primary School “Michelangelo Virgillito” of Paternò. He later teaches Violoncello at the Liceo Musicale in Enna, at the musical instrument workshop of the Third Primary & Secondary School of Giarre and at the musical propaedeutics laboratory promoted by the Mousikè School of Music in Enna. He also taught cello with the Suzuki method at the Bruno Maderna Conservatory of Music in Cesena. He teached Cello at the Secondary School “Francesco Petrarca”, for four years in Secondary School of Music “De Cruyllas” of Ramacca in Catania (Italy). Currently He is teaching in Secondary SCHOOL Don Lorenzo Milani of Misterbianco. In 2020 he founded the C.M.I.S. Cello & Music International School which offers online courses of propaedeutics and musical start-up, cello, viola da gamba, early music and also becomes Ambassador of the most important online music school in the world and professor in Masflix .

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