🎵David Popper a great romantic cellist and composer.🎻

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David Popper (Prague, June 16, 1843 – Baden, August 7, 1913) was a Bohemian composer and cellist.


David Popper’s wife: Sophie Menter (1875). David Popper was the son of a singer from the Prague synagogue and grew up in Josefstadt. He studied music at the Prague Conservatory under the guidance of Goltermann.
He joined the orchestra of the Prince of Heckingen in Löwenberg.

From 1863 he began a brilliant career as a virtuoso musician-violinist, obtaining significant successes throughout Europe. In 1867 he made his debut in Vienna. He obtained the role of first cello of the court of Vienna, in the period from 1868 to 1873. [4] During these years he was also a member of the Hellmesberger quartet. At the same time, his solo performances across Europe increased to such an extent that in 1873 he was forced to give up his permanent position at the Court Opera.

He contacted the most important composers of the time, such as Anton Bruckner, Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt to play with them. In 1882 he went with the French violinist Émile Sauret on a concert tour in Spain and Portugal. Finally, from 1896 until his death, he held the position of cello teacher at the Academy of Music in Pest.

With Jenő Hubay, who taught violin at the Academy, he founded the Hubay Popper Quartet, playing with Johannes Brahms, Ernst Dohnányi, Jan Paderewski, Wilhelm Backhaus and Leopol’d Godovskij. Popper knew both the orchestral music and the solo repertoire of the time, as well as the chamber music repertoire, thanks to his commitment as a cellist in the Hubay-Popper Quartet.

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The Forty Studies for cello Op. 73 represent a series of studies in increasing order of technical difficulty. Each of them is hinged on different technical difficulties, bow strokes, and / or position changes. Following one of Etude (N. 22) from 40 Etudes Op. 73. ⬇️

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My live record in last Concert dedicated to Romantic Cello Pieces in Virtual International Concert Hall on 24 July 2020

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Popper was not only one of the most important virtuosos of his time, but also enriched the literature on the cello with a number of tasteful and captivating compositions, including four concerts, many studies and a number of chamber pieces.

His students include: Arnold Foldesy, Jeno Kerpely, Adolf Schiffer and Miklós Zsámboki.

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